The Rory Peck Trust is dedicated to the support, safety and welfare of freelance newsgatherers around the world.

The Risk & Safety Helpdesk is a pilot project. Its aim is to provide expert security advice to freelance journalists to help them mitigate increasing attacks against journalists and manage the various risks inherent in public interest journalism. 

Register your interest with our team by providing basic details about your upcoming assignment and safety concerns. We’ll match you with an industry-leading security expert who will provide you with private, tailored safety advice on whatever you need during a one-to-one consultation online. Guidance can be provided on physical, digital, psychological or legal risks that you might encounter on the ground, as well as on risk assessments and planning.

A recent survey revealed that 75% of women journalists have experienced a threat or challenge to their safety either in person or online – resulting in a fifth of them considering leaving the industry altogether. This day-long workshop for women journalists will focus on both digital security and physical safety, empowering you to deal with online threats and protect yourself while in the field.

The deadline for registration is Monday 16th October. A fully refundable deposit of £30 is required to secure your place.

Please note:

  • This workshop is only open to British freelance journalists or those currently based in the UK.
  • You must have worked as a freelance journalist for at least one year to participate. 

Current funds are only available to freelance journalists resident in the UK; if you are based elsewhere, you may register your interest and will be added to our waitlist.

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