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The Risk & Safety Helpdesk is a pilot project. Its aim is to provide expert security advice to freelance journalists to help them mitigate increasing attacks against journalists and manage the various risks inherent in public interest journalism. 

The Helpdesk will provide professional support to help you to plan your assignment. 

This pilot only allows us to support up to 50 journalists. The following questionnaire will help us to prioritise access to expert security advice and match you with the most relevant safety advisor. 

We know long forms are a pain for everyone. Still, through this process, we aim to ensure a needs-based approach which allows freelance journalists to pool their knowledge and benefit from the community’s combined reporting knowledge. Filling out this questionnaire will help you to plan how you will report on your chosen story, we think the process itself will be valuable, and we welcome feedback.

Please note that Trust's decision on each application is final.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.