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This day-long workshop is for journalists working in hostile environments, away from medical infrastructure. Delivered in a small group setting, it offers a practical, hands-on approach to give you the skills and confidence to use first aid in a real-life situation.

You’ll learn about the principles of first aid, airway management, CPR, wound management, tourniquets, ballistic awareness & injuries, blast injuries and more. The workshop also covers psychological wellbeing & resilience, including warning signs of potential mental health issues, how to intervene with a friend or relative, and coping strategies to help support yourself and others.

The deadline for registration is Friday, March 15th. A fully refundable deposit of £30 is required to secure your place.

Please note:

  • This workshop is only open to British freelance journalists or those currently based in the UK.
  • You must have worked as a freelance journalist for at least one year to participate. 
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